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Normal towels can cause hair breakage and static.

Dry your hair quickly and gently with the Hairburst microfibre hair towel.

Hair is kept up and tied out of the way once washed using the small elastic band at the back.

The highly absorbent microfibre fabric absorbs water without drying out the hair, so less blow-drying time is required, which means less damage to the hair.

The soft fabric wraps hair smoothly and doesn’t cause friction, frizz or flyaways and static.


  • Water-absorbent microfibre hair towel wrap
  • Dries hair quickly to reduce blow-drying time
  • Soft material doesn’t cause friction, frizz and breakage
  • Ideal for all hair types

How to use?

  1. Tip head and hair forwards and position the towel around the back of the head until the wrap is fully covering all of your hair.
  2. Gather hair inside the towel and twist the front section.
  3. Bring the twist round to the back of the neck and loop the elastic around the button to secure in place.