SOSKIN Hydrawear Serum – Hyaluronic fill-in concentrate 2MW سيروم حمض الهايلورنيك المركز الثناني الفعال لتهدئة احمرار البشرة وترطيبها 30 مليلتر

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 SOSKIN  Hydrawear Serum – Hyaluronic fill-in concentrate 2MW 

ue to its unique ability to bind water, hyaluronic acid restores the hydrolipid mantle and makes the skin surface perfectly smooth. Long-lasting hydration for even the most dehydrated skin. Two different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid target different layers of the epidermis to effectively combat skin dehydration and subsequent irritation RESULTS: Provides skin hydration for 8 hours. Hydration was assessed 8 hours after application of the product in 10 volunteers by corneometric measurements.

SOSkin Serum N°1. Restores your skin's biological functions for +30% hydration

Dehydrated skin.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Why use it?

+ Moisturises / Soothes / Plumps

+ Stimulates the skin's resistance capacity

+ Fresh gel on application

How to apply it?

Step 1 of your routine. Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face, before skincare. Avoid the eye area.